little girl who believes in magic ツ

we all have this perfect picture in our minds of how things are supposed to be and thats why we all end up being disappointed

5 mins before:

me- tomorrow is my drawing competition and i have to search on ‘corruption free society’


me- finally found out tumblr,swifties, and arshians. Yay

moral of the story- I cant keep my focus 


Miss them a lot.

credit to the rightful owner. The above pics are not mins

Being a person is too complicated. Time to be a unicorn.

sometimes it is better to stay silent to prove others right even if they are not because you just don’t want to hurt them.

I think i need someone in my life.. *depressed*

At 6:00 pm
Me :I will start my study at 7:00 pm
At 8:00 pm
Me:omg today i havent watch TV
At 9:00 pm
Me :started a new blog and working on it.. i will study from tomorrow.

College life


This might be long so i should put up a ‘read more’

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oh best of luck..!!

i wish i could talk to you personally because i also want to an architect someday like what preparations you do for this field etc etc..

p.s- studying in 11th maths right now..

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